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BMW First came out with angel eyes (well, they called them Corona Rings) in the early E39 5 series over a decade ago. They have become brighter and brighter since then. Finally, after years and years of improving upon their halo rings, they finally got it right in 2010 and 2011, moving most of their models to Xenon White, super-bright angel eyes. The aftermarket has long been upgrading BMW Angel Eyes to look whiter and brighter, but now, the cars come from the factory like that. This has raised the bar significantly, and made it even more pivotal to make yourolder model BMWlook like the newer cars.

Fortunately there are a number of solutions out there for you.

If your car didn’t come with halo rings, like the E46, E36, or even the E90 models without xenon headlights, there are kits that will add rings to your car. They used to come in CCFL technology, but this has recently been replaced with hyper-bright LED technology. Many of the LED kits feature over 80 LEDs per ring, which provides a brighter, whiter color. Additionally, if you don’t have Xenons at all, you might want to look into a set of Projector Headlights, and kill 2 birds with one stone. This will let you upgrade the old, yellowed, chipped headlights with some new ones, adding LED rings at the same time. I recommend WeissLicht LED Angel Eyes, but you can find kits from a number of other companies, too. 1133 angel number

If your car DID come with angel eyes, there’s no need to open or replace the headlights to add that hyper-white effect. Simply upgrade the light source, with some WeissLicht BMW Angel Eyes Upgrade bulbs. These bulbs come in different fitments for various models, ranging from the E39 all the way to the E93, and everything in between. One thing to note, though, is that these kits unfortunately cannot make your halo rings as bright as the new OEM ones from BMW. This is because they rely on a different technology – fiberoptics – which diminishes the light a little bit. (In the latest BMW Corona Rings from the factory, they use tons of LEDs in the rings, just like in the kits WeissLicht makes to add eyes to older cars). Nonetheless, you will find that these kits are sufficient to make your angel eyes really nice and white. If you insist on having the brightest, baddest angel eyes, you can go with an HID kit in the light source (I don’t recommend it) or go with a kit by OSS Systems. For $600or more, they will have you Fedex the headlights to them, then bake them open and insert LED rings. I don’t recommend this either, though, because you can upgrade to WeissLicht for only $149, and I don’t think the difference is worth 4 times as much.


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